Blossom & Company Inc

345 North Canal Street No 1401
Chicago, IL 606061366
Phone: +1 (312) 450-9056
EIN: 11-3079153

Primary exempt purpose

Cultural and educational performances
Human resources, including compensation
Blossom, Beverly
Name of key/compensated personBeverly BlossomBeverly Blossom
Officer, director, trustee, or key employeeTrueTrue
Reportable compensation from org$0.00$0.00
Purpose: mission, activities, & accomplishments
Primary exempt purposeCultural and educational performancesCultural and educational performances
Financial data
Assets and liabilities
Total assets$0.00$21,566.00
Total assets, beginning of year$0.00$21,841.00
Net assets $21,566.00
Governance and accountability
Accrual accountingTrueTrue
Tax year start date2010-07-012009-07-01
Tax year end date2011-06-012010-06-01
Metadata about the filing
E-return type: 990, 990EZ, or 990PF990EZ990EZ
Date e-filing submitted2012-06-122011-06-08
IRS schema version2010v3.42009v1.4
Filing identifier201211319349201156201121299349201512
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