Daniel and Janet Mordecai Foundation

Foundation Source 501 Silverside Rd
Wilmington, DE 198091377
Phone: +1 (800) 839-1754
NTEE: T22 - Private Independent Foundations
EIN: 20-0185059

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Basic features of the organization
Metropolitan statistical area6162
Human resources, including compensation
Human resources, including compensation (private foundation)
Compensation of key personnel$0.00    
Mordecai, Janet
Name Janet R MordecaiJanet R MordecaiJanet R MordecaiJanet R MordecaiJanet R Mordecai
TitlePres / Dir / Sec / TreasPres / Dir / Sec / TreasPres / Dir / Sec / TreasPres / Dir / Sec / TreasPresident / Director / Secretary / Treasurer
Officer, director, trustee, or key employeeTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
Total compensation$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Financial data
Total net investment income$486,405.00$618,307.00$516,328.00$509,928.00$1,291,837.00
Other income -- revenue and expenses per books   $82.00$15.00
Other income -- net investment income   $82.00$15.00
Total revenue per books$486,405.00$622,265.00$516,328.00$509,928.00$1,291,837.00
Expense categories (totals)
Expenses & disbursements (total)$2,249,577.00$811,792.00$738,865.00$1,582,122.00$2,737,379.00
Governance and accountability
Tax year start date2015-01-012014-01-012013-01-012012-01-012011-01-01
Tax year end date2015-12-012014-12-012013-12-012012-12-012011-12-01
Metadata about the filing
E-return type: 990, 990EZ, or 990PF990PF990PF990PF990PF990PF
Date e-filing submitted2016-08-302015-08-052014-11-072013-10-292012-12-31
IRS schema version2015v2.12014v5.02013v3.12012v2.22011v1.2
Filing identifier201631129349100818201531079349100103201401839349100800201321239349101052201201359349102165
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