MINDEN, LA 71055
Phone: +1 (318) 294-2678
NTEE: P82 - Developmentally Disabled Centers, Services
EIN: 20-8282915


Feeding program - Provide nourishing meals for schol children ages 3-18 after school and during the summer months
Basic features of the organization
Year of formation2012
Subsection code03
PF filing required0    
Metropolitan statistical area7680
Form of organization
Human resources, including compensation
Summary compensation info
Total compensation of current key personnel$210,609.00    
Sum of reportable (W2/1099) compensation$63,680.00    
Number of employees0    
Garner, Teressia
Name of key/compensated personTERESSIA L GARNER    
Position of compensated person
Current individual trustee or directorTrue    
Average hours per week working for org40.00    
Reportable compensation from org$63,680.00    
Other comp, non-reportable, from org and related orgs$0.00    
Corresponding comp from related orgs
Reportable compensation from related orgs $0.00    
Purpose: mission, activities, & accomplishments
Mission or significant activitiesFeeding Program established to provide nourishing meals for school children ages 318 during summer months    
Program service expenses, total$2,084,156.00    
Programs, including revenue & expenses
Provided free nourishing meals to thousands of children in the Caddo Parish Louisiana area in essence reducing unemployment rate by hiring over 200 individuals to help increase the economic decline.
Program expenses$2,084,156.00    
Grants and allocations made$1,994,825.00    
Program revenue-$9,832.00    
Program descriptionProvided free nourishing meals to thousands of children in the Caddo Parish Louisiana area in essence reducing unemployment rate by hiring over 200 individuals to help increase the economic decline.    
Financial data
Total revenue$2,074,324.00    
Revenue from contributions (total)$2,074,324.00$2,134,612.00$939,973.00$701,417.00$415,943.00
Investment income, current yr$0.00    
Total revenue from grants, etc., current yr$2,074,324.00    
Total unrelated business revenue$0.00    
Other revenue, current yr$0.00    
Program service revenue (total) $2,240.00$10,672.00$0.00$0.00
Gross receipts$2,074,324.00    
Sources of contributions
Revenue from gov't grants$1,963,561.00    
Revenue from all other contributions$110,763.00    
Other types of revenue
Net rental income $0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Expense categories (totals)
Total functional expenses: sum of all$2,084,157.00    
Total functional expenses: program service $2,084,157.00    
Total functional expenses: management and general$0.00    
Total functional expenses: fundraising$0.00    
Fees for services
Fundraising service fees (total)$0.00    
General management fees (total)$124,795.00    
Assets and liabilities
Total assets-$9,833.00$33,081.00$0.00$0.00$1.00
Total assets, beginning of year-$9,833.00    
Total liabilities-$9,833.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Total liabilities, beginning of year-$9,833.00    
Net assets$0.00    
Cash: non-interest bearing-$9,833.00    
Grants payable$2,074,323.00    
Other financial variables
Revenue less expenses-$9,833.00    
Advertising (total)$1,454.00    
Accounts payable & accrued expenses-$2,084,156.00    
Total net assets or fund balances$0.00    
Governance and accountability
Number of voting members0    
Number of independent voting members0    
Financial sheets auditedTrue    
Cash accountingTrue    
Tax year start date2016-01-01    
Tax year end date2016-12-012015-12-012013-12-012012-12-012011-12-01
Metadata about the filing
E-return type: 990, 990EZ, or 990PF990    
Date e-filing submitted2017-09-07    
IRS schema version2016v3.0    
Filing identifier201741379349300714    
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