Mercy Medical Foundation

1301 15th Avenue West
Williston, ND 58801
Phone: +1 (701) 774-7400
NTEE: E117 - Health care
EIN: 45-0381803


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Basic features of the organization
Doing business as nameCHI St Alexius Health Williston Foundation
Year of formation1984
Subsection code03
PF filing required0    
Form of organization
Human resources, including compensation
Summary compensation info
Sum of reportable (W2/1099) compensation$0.00$0.00$0.00  
Number of employees000  
Number of people compensated >$100k000  
Number of volunteers990  
Number of highly compensated contractors000  
Purpose: mission, activities, & accomplishments
Mission or significant activitiesMercy Medical Foundation serves as the fundraising arm of Mercy Medical Center and coordinates gifts of energy, talents, and financial resources to build healthier communities in our region.Mercy Medical Foundation serves as the fundraising arm of Mercy Medical Center and coordinates gifts of energy, talents, and financial resources to build healthier communities in our region.Mercy Medical Foundation serves as the fundraising arm of Mercy Medical Center and coordinates gifts of energy, talents, and financial resources to build healthier communities in our region.  
Program service expenses, total$1,012,663.00$22,980.00$1,410,432.00  
Programs, including revenue & expenses
Program expenses$1,012,663.00$22,980.00$1,410,432.00  
Grants and allocations made$1,012,663.00$22,980.00$24,187.00  
Program revenue$26,000.00$16,000.00$24,000.00  
Financial data
Total revenue$862,667.00$1,123,040.00$1,449,073.00  
Revenue from contributions (total)$399,291.00$613,455.00$652,042.00$1,831,650.00$1,120,705.00
Revenue from noncash contributions$53,769.00$24,259.00$0.00  
Investment income, current yr$301,112.00$228,177.00$307,554.00  
Total revenue from grants, etc., current yr$399,291.00$613,455.00$652,042.00  
Total unrelated business revenue$514.00$322.00-$347.00  
Other revenue, current yr$136,264.00$265,408.00$465,477.00  
Net unrelated business taxable revenue$0.00$0.00-$347.00  
Program service revenue (total)$26,000.00$16,000.00$24,000.00$26,000.00$22,000.00
Gross receipts$975,446.00$1,143,502.00$1,459,756.00  
Sources of contributions
Revenue from federated campaigns $0.00$0.00  
Contributions revenue from membership dues $0.00$0.00  
Revenue from fundraising events$110,837.00$83,238.00$0.00  
Contributions from related organizations$48,294.00$0.00$0.00  
Revenue from gov't grants $0.00$52,500.00  
Revenue from all other contributions$240,160.00$530,217.00$599,542.00  
Other types of revenue
Royalties (total)$205,610.00$265,048.00$0.00  
Miscellaneous revenue (total)$1,271.00$60.00$441,290.00  
Net revenue from gaming (total) $3,580.00$0.00  
Income from dividends, interest, and similar investments$122,913.00$90,117.00$72,978.00  
Net rental income $0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Net income from fundraising events-$70,617.00-$3,280.00$24,187.00  
Net inventory sales (total) $0.00$0.00  
Expense categories (totals)
Total functional expenses: sum of all$1,125,705.00$89,950.00$1,498,577.00  
Total functional expenses: program service $1,012,663.00$22,980.00$1,410,432.00  
Total functional expenses: management and general$113,042.00$66,970.00$88,145.00  
Total functional expenses: fundraising$0.00$0.00$0.00  
Fees for services
Fundraising service fees (total)$0.00$0.00$0.00  
General management fees (total)  $23,826.00  
Assets and liabilities
Total assets$6,799,244.00$6,735,605.00$6,570,370.00$7,204,961.00$7,884,431.00
Total assets, beginning of year$6,735,605.00$6,570,370.00$7,204,961.00  
Total liabilities$379,821.00$25,689.00$605,214.00$251,160.00$311,290.00
Total liabilities, beginning of year$25,689.00$605,214.00$251,160.00  
Pledges & accounts receivable, net$500.00$69,423.00$154,923.00  
Loans & receivables from key persons$0.00$0.00$0.00  
Unrestricted net assets, end of yr$4,022,677.00$4,216,554.00$4,083,525.00  
Temporarily restricted net assets$1,554,112.00$1,650,728.00$1,038,997.00  
Permanently restricted net assets, end of yr$842,634.00$842,634.00$842,634.00  
Net assets$6,419,423.00$6,709,916.00$5,965,156.00  
Net assets, beginning of year$6,709,916.00$5,965,156.00$6,953,801.00  
Other liabilities$67,625.00$21,854.00$591,437.00  
Bond liabilities $0.00$0.00  
Intangible assets$31,224.00$31,224.00$31,224.00  
Other assets$311,248.00$309,977.00$309,977.00  
Investments: other securities$4,438,221.00$3,949,109.00$4,020,999.00  
Investments: publicly traded securities$0.00$0.00$0.00  
Cash: non-interest bearing $0.00$0.00  
Cash: non-interest bearing, beginning of year$0.00$0.00   
Escrow or custodial account liability $0.00$0.00  
Grants payable $0.00$0.00  
Inventories for sale or use $0.00$0.00  
Other financial variables
Revenue less expenses-$263,038.00$1,033,090.00-$49,504.00  
Advertising (total)$265.00$4,393.00$843.00  
Savings & temp cash investment$1,824,881.00$2,198,347.00$1,875,722.00  
Accounts receivable, net$8,000.00$0.00$0.00  
Prepaid expenses & deferred charges$179.00$0.00$0.00  
Accounts payable & accrued expenses$15,996.00$3,835.00$13,777.00  
Deferred revenue$296,200.00$0.00$0.00  
Unsecured notes & loans to unrelated parties $0.00$0.00  
Secured mortgages and notes payable $0.00$0.00  
Total net assets or fund balances$6,419,423.00$6,709,916.00$5,965,156.00  
Depreciation, depletion, amortization$180.00    
Payment to affiliates  $1,386,245.00  
Governance and accountability
Number of voting members10118  
Number of independent voting members897  
Financial sheets auditedTrueTrueTrue  
Audit on consolidated basisTrueTrueTrue  
Accrual accountingTrueTrueTrue  
Tax year start date2016-07-012015-07-012014-07-01  
Tax year end date2017-06-012016-06-012015-06-012014-06-012013-06-01
Indicators for schedules (selected)
Grants to domestic org/gov't >$5kTrue True  
Metadata about the filing
E-return type: 990, 990EZ, or 990PF990990990  
Date e-filing submitted2018-08-212017-08-292016-08-02  
IRS schema version2016v3.02015v3.02014v6.0  
Filing identifier201821299349301172201711179349300301201601379349309120  
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