200 N Magdalen Square
Abbeville, LA 70510
Phone: +1 (337) 898-4114
NTEE: A26 - Arts Council/Agency
EIN: 72-0841090


Promote arts and arts education in Vermilion Parish.
Basic features of the organization
Year of formation1978
Organization typeCorporation
Human resources, including compensation
Summary compensation info
Total compensation of current key personnel$0.00
Number of employees0
Number of people compensated >$100k0
Mayard, Warren
Name of key/compensated personWarren Mayard
Average hours per week working for org0.00
Reportable compensation from org$0.00
Other comp, non-reportable, from org and related orgs$0.00
Corresponding comp from related orgs
Reportable compensation from related orgs $0.00
Purpose: mission, activities & accomplishments
Mission or significant activitiesPromote arts and arts education in Vermilion Parish.
Program expenses (total)$26,397.00
Programs, including revenue & expenses
Promote arts and arts education in Vermilion Parish.
Program expenses$26,397.00
Program descriptionPromote arts and arts education in Vermilion Parish.
Financial data
Expense categories (totals)
Sum (total functional expenses)$26,397.00
Program services (total functional expenses)$26,397.00
Management & general (total functional expenses)$0.00
Fundraising (total functional expenses)$0.00
Total revenue$18,337.00
Program service revenue (total)$0.00
Revenue from contributions (total)$18,337.00
Investment income$0.00
Total unrelated business revenue$0.00
Other revenue, current yr$0.00
Total revenue from grants, etc., current yr$18,337.00
Gross receipts$18,337.00
Sources of contributions
Contributions revenue from membership dues$1,750.00
Revenue from fundraising events$11,065.00
Revenue from gov't grants$5,522.00
Other types of revenue
Royalties (total)$0.00
Miscellaneous revenue (total)$0.00
Net revenue from gaming (total)$0.00
Income from dividends, interest, and similar investments$0.00
Net rental income$0.00
Net income from fundraising events$0.00
Net inventory sales (total)$0.00
Fees for services
Lobbying fees (total)$0.00
Legal fees (total)$0.00
Fundraising service fees (total)$0.00
General management fees (total)$0.00
Investment management fees (total)$0.00
Accounting service fees (total)$532.00
Assets and liabilities
Total assets$6,960.00
Total assets, beginning of year$15,020.00
Total liabilities$0.00
Pledges & accounts receivable, net$0.00
Loans & receivables from key persons$0.00
Net assets$6,960.00
Net assets, beginning of year$15,020.00
Intangible assets$0.00
Other assets$0.00
Investments: other securities$0.00
Investments: publicly traded securities$0.00
Cash: non-interest bearing$6,960.00
Cash: non-interest bearing, beginning of year$15,020.00
Investments: program-related$0.00
Inventories for sale or use$0.00
Other financial variables
Revenue less expenses-$8,060.00
Advertising (total)$0.00
Savings & temp cash investment$0.00
Accounts receivable, net$0.00
Prepaid expenses & deferred charges$0.00
Total net assets or fund balances$6,960.00
Depreciation, depletion, amortization$0.00
Payment to affiliates$0.00
Governance and accountability
Number of voting members12
Number of independent voting members12
Tax year start date2011-01-01
Tax year end date2011-12-31
Accounting methodCash
Metadata about the filing
E-return type990
Date e-filing submitted2012-10-22
IRS schema version2011v1.2
Filing identifier201202289349301460
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