200 N Magdalen Square
Abbeville, LA 70510
Phone: +1 (337) 898-4114
EIN: 72-0841090
Year formed: 1978


Promote arts and arts education in Vermilion Parish.
Metadata about the filing
Tax year2011
Return type: 990, 990EZ, or 990PF990
Tax year start date2011-01-01
Tax year end date2011-12-31
Date e-filing submitted2012-10-22
Filing identifier201202289349301460
Human resources, including compensation
Summary compensation info
Total compensation of current key personnel$0.00
Number of people compensated >$100k0
Mayard, Warren
Name of key/compensated personWarren Mayard
Position of compensated person
Current officerTrue
Reportable compensation from org$0.00
Reportable compensation from related orgs $0.00
Other comp, non-reportable, from org and related orgs$0.00
Average hours per week working for org0.00
Purpose: mission, activities, & accomplishments
Mission or significant activitiesPromote arts and arts education in Vermilion Parish.
Org's missionPromote arts and arts education in Vermilion Parish.
Program service expenses, total$26,397.00
Programs, including revenue & expense
Promote arts and arts education in Vermilion Parish.
Program descriptionPromote arts and arts education in Vermilion Parish.
Program expenses$26,397.00
Financial data
Total revenue, current year$18,337.00
Total revenue, prior year$20,111.00
Revenue less expenses, current year-$8,060.00
Revenue less expenses, prior year$5,564.00
Total revenue from grants, etc., current year$18,337.00
Total revenue from grants, etc., prior year$20,111.00
Contributions revenue from membership dues$1,750.00
Revenue from govt grants$5,522.00
Total expenses: general management fees$0.00
Total expenses: Lobbying fees$0.00
Total expenses: Investment management fees$0.00
Total expenses: Advertising$0.00
Total functional expenses: program service $26,397.00
Total functional expenses: management and general$0.00
Total functional expenses: fundraising$0.00
Total expenses, current year$26,397.00
Total expenses, prior year$14,547.00
Investment income, current year$0.00
Total assets, beginning of current year$15,020.00
Total assets, end of year$6,960.00
Net assets/balances, beginning of current year$15,020.00
Net assets/balances, end of year$6,960.00
Total liabilities, end of year$0.00
Governance and accountability
Number of employees0
Number of voting members12
Number of independent voting members12
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