GHS Band Boosters Inc

92 Lockwood Rd
Riverside, CT 06878
NTEE: B11 - Single Organization Support
EIN: 94-3487644

Primary exempt purpose

See Schedule O
Basic features of the organization
Metropolitan statistical area5483
Human resources, including compensation
Aaron, Andrea
TitleCo-President & Asst SecretaryCo-President & Asst SecretaryCo-President & Asst Secretary  
Name of key/compensated personAndrea AaronAndrea AaronAndrea Aaron  
Officer, director, trustee, or key employeeTrueTrueTrue  
Reportable compensation from org$0.00$0.00$0.00  
Downey, Christina
Title Co-President & SecretaryCo-President & SecretaryCo-President & Asst SecretaryCo-President & Asst Secretary
Name of key/compensated person Christina DowneyChristina DowneyChristina DowneyChristina Downey
Officer, director, trustee, or key employee TrueTrueTrueTrue
Reportable compensation from org $0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Fiore, Annette
Name of key/compensated personAnnette FioreAnnette Fiore   
Officer, director, trustee, or key employeeTrueTrue   
Reportable compensation from org$0.00$0.00   
Keyser, Marilyn
TitleCo-President & Secretary    
Name of key/compensated personMarilyn Keyser    
Officer, director, trustee, or key employeeTrue    
Reportable compensation from org$0.00    
Speer, Pamela
Title   Co-President & SecretaryCo-President & Secretary
Name of key/compensated person   Pamela SpeerPamela Speer
Officer, director, trustee, or key employee   TrueTrue
Reportable compensation from org   $0.00$0.00
Stark, Hilary
Title    Treasurer
Name of key/compensated person    Hilary Stark
Officer, director, trustee, or key employee    True
Reportable compensation from org    $0.00
Tedford, Susan
Title  TreasurerTreasurer 
Name of key/compensated person  Susan TedfordSusan Tedford 
Officer, director, trustee, or key employee  TrueTrue 
Reportable compensation from org  $0.00$0.00 
Purpose: mission, activities, & accomplishments
Primary exempt purposeSee Schedule OSee Schedule OSee Schedule OSee Schedule OSee Schedule O
Program service expenses, total$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Financial data
Total revenue$74,390.00$52,762.00$53,754.00$108,152.00$99,796.00
Revenue from contributions (total) $6,299.00$4,774.00$18,166.00$4,610.00
Investment income, current yr  $88.00$1.00$3.00
Program service revenue (total) $46,463.00$48,892.00$13,510.00$1,017.00
Other types of revenue
Net rental income $0.00$0.00  
Assets and liabilities
Total assets$48,634.00$32,700.00$33,690.00$26,134.00$67,250.00
Total assets, beginning of year$32,700.00$33,690.00$26,134.00$67,250.00$7,902.00
Total liabilities$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Total liabilities, beginning of year$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Net assets$48,634.00$32,700.00$33,690.00$26,134.00$67,250.00
Governance and accountability
Cash accountingTrueTrue   
Tax year start date2016-07-012015-07-012014-07-012013-07-012012-07-01
Tax year end date2017-06-012016-06-012015-06-012014-06-012013-06-01
Metadata about the filing
E-return type: 990, 990EZ, or 990PF990EZ990EZ990EZ990EZ990EZ
Date e-filing submitted2017-12-282017-02-142016-02-092014-12-042013-12-24
IRS schema version2016v3.02015v2.12014v5.02013v3.12012v2.1
Filing identifier201743109349201124201603289349200300201503089349200715201433159349200223201343129349200624
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